Print Design

When you need a discerning eye to revise your logo, letterhead, brochure or other collateral, I can help. Over thirty years of design and production experience inform my work. I will work with you to establish, enhance or manage your brand throughout all your material, including the web.

I can help you with:

  • Corporate Identity (logos, letterhead, business card design)
  • Collateral (cd packages, advertising)
  • Marketing Materials (product, corporate and service brochures; datasheets; posters; direct mail) 

Getting Started

Download the Print Design Worksheet (Word doc) to start getting your thoughts and materials together. Then contact me for an estimate and timetable to complete your project. Together we’ll get you looking great in no time.

Use this sheet for:

  • logo & letterhead design
  • brochure design
  • collateral design

Why Me?

  • a typography, photography and illustration background provides awareness of essential publication elements
  • agency design & production experience demonstrate creative solutions
  • pre-press knowledge ensures a smooth flow through to the final printed piece

This is the guy you go to when you need a spectacular design that really impresses. Very few have the talent Todd has—and he’s great to work with.
Thomas B. McClintockCo-Founder, Partner & Chief Operating OfficerNSI Partners LLC