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Did you know…

…that keeping your plugins, themes and WordPress versions current is essential to your site’s security?

It’s actually the first line of defense in securing your site. Of course you need a reliable security plugin for complete protection, but if your core files and plugins are not up to date, your site is vulnerable to hackers.

Does updating WordPress, your plugins, or (gasp!) your theme files scare you?  Are you afraid you’ll break your site, or something will go wrong and your site will crash?

Or is it just a nuisance that you never have time for, or quite get around to, even though you know you should?

Photo: Maintaining your WordPress site.

Let me help.

I’ll take care of the scary stuff. You’ve got better things to do than fuss around the backend of your website clicking your way through updates. And if something does go wonky, I’ll take care of it (yes, it happens sometimes. Themes are recoded and the updates mess with customizations you’ve made. It happens).

Monthly subscriptions start at $75.00. Get back to running your business, and let me handle the technicalities.

Have your files backed up to a secure server for an additional $25.00

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