Custom Graphics

I’ll create custom graphics for your web page, print material, or PowerPoint presentation. Infographics and social media page graphics are a specialty.

Infographics and Social Media

Presenting detailed information in a graphic format helps viewers to quickly understand complex information.

And social media is an ever-present need. How is your business represented on your corporate Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube pages? Custom graphics will extend your brand to these important outlets and help identify you across social media platforms.

PowerPoint Presentations

When you need to make a big impression at your next convention or marketing seminar, custom graphics for your PowerPoint presentation will set you apart from the competition. I use royalty-free stock imagery and hand-built graphics to convey your message with clarity, impact and memorability.

However I should warn you–I’ll do my level best to keep your bullet points to a minimum, and to maximize your visual impact. People remember images, not bullet points. Use the medium to its best potential.

I also provide custom-designed hand-outs to complement your presentation. Detailed information is better presented in a document the audience can digest when they have the time. Your company’s brand and contact information promotes further contact and marketing opportunities.

Getting Started

Download the Custom Graphics Worksheet (Word doc) and fill it out, so I’ll have an idea of what you need. Then contact me for an estimate and timetable to complete your graphics. Custom imagery will make you stand out from the crowd. Get started today.

If you have a presentation that needs refreshing, or designing from the ground up, then download the Presentation Design Worksheet (Word doc) to start getting your thoughts and materials together. Then contact me for an estimate and timetable to complete your presentation. Your best presentation is just a step away.

Why Me?

  • I actually know how to draw! (apart from a computer)
  • I have a BFA in Illustration and a background in photography
  • I know how to manipulate Photoshop and Illustrator to get the look you need

I must tell you that all three [designs] were well received, but the winner was the very classy and elegant 2nd design. My husband, who can be very critical, thought it was really great.
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